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Athletes know too well the amount of dedication & demand it takes to participate in competition.  Similarly, whether you are a varsity athlete, weekend warrior, armature athlete or individual looking to become more active; the proper body maintenance is crucial for reaching your milestones.  Participating in routine exercise is great for your health, however, injuries such as tendinitis, disc herniations, joint pain, sprains and strains are possible with any strenuous activity.  At Health In Motion Chiropractic, we are well versed in managing sports & occupational injuries as well as working toward preventive measure to limit future incidences.

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Injuries can occur in many different ways but all can be contributed into similar injury mechanisms.  These are not limited to but consist of:  

  • Trauma or forceful impacts

  • Repetitive activities

  • Over exertion

  • Inadequate warm up or cool down protocol 

Our doctors will also look at the extrinsic factors such as footwear, sports equipment, type of sport/activity and environmental factors to target future preventive measures.  

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Chiropractic can treat and prevent injury by adjusting the spine as well as extremity joints like shoulders, elbows, wrist, hips, knees and feet.  By keeping joints, especially the spine, functioning optimally; this in turn relieves tension & stress throughout the body.  This provides proper joint mechanics, balanced muscle tone and a boastful recovery process.  Whether the injury is to a joint or soft tissue; chiropractors also use therapies such as electrostimulation, ultrasound, ice/heat and cold laser to manage pain, promote tissue repair and reduce inflammation.

Physical Therapist


At Health In Motion Chiropractic, our doctors have years of experience working with athletes and occupational injury, making it our specialty. Whether the injury is acute or chronic, we begin to mobilize joints to restore function and address soft tissue imbalances.  From there, we incorporate rehabilitation exercises to ensure proper muscle activation to instill movement synergy.  It is also important to strengthening weakened muscles to help support the musculoskeletal system resulting in optimal performance and injury prevention. 


Modalities Offered at Health In Motion

  1. Therapeutic Ultrasound 

  2. Electrotherapies (electrostimulation)

  3. Dynamic taping (kinisiotaping)

  4. Ice/heat

  5. Mechanical massage 

  6. Spinal decompression 

  7. Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization   

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