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According to the National Safety Council, over 3 million motor vehicle accidents (MVA's) occur in the US each year.  This results in an estimated 4.5 million medically consulted injuries every year seeking treatment & relief.  In many auto accidents, the musculoskeletal system will be effected even if symptoms are not present shortly following the incident.  Even those involved in collisions 10-15 MPH can result in significant trauma to the musculoskeletal system.  Depending on the injury and its severity, there are many different outlets individuals seek for care.  However, the reason individuals like yourself choose chiropractic care for treatment is straightforward - chiropractic care is extraordinary in naturally treating soft tissue injury, espcially in the spine.

Painful whiplash after fender bender car


Male Motorist With Whiplash Injury In Ca


Whiplash is an injury sustained by a rapid change in acceleration and/or deceleration of the cervical spine.  Due to the overwhelming forces in MVA's, excessive amounts of motion in the cervical spine cause damage to its integrity.  Sudden forces to the neck that jars the head forcefully back and forth, causes damage to ligaments, tendons, muscles and cervical vertebra which can also entrap your nervous system.   Ligaments and tendons can tear or rupture, muscles become overstretched, discs can herniate or become irritated, bones can fracture & nerves can become compromised.


We know that whiplash and neck pain are common injuries associated with car accidents.  In many cases, symptoms can take 24 hours or longer to develop following an accident.  Pain, stiffness and muscle tension will set in to protect the injured areas.  

When injuries sustained in an automobile accident are left untreated, chronic pain, stiffness & diminished range of motion can become long lasting problems.  Our doctors at Health In Motion focus on the spine and musculoskeletal system to ensure that our clinic is one of the best places to start healing your body after a car accident.

Injuries like whiplash tend to have extensive soft tissue damage to the ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves.  This can be quite painful and is important to manage especially early on in your chiropractic care.  Our doctor's have many tools, modalities and exercises designed to diminish symptoms and promote healing to ultimately return your function back to normal. 

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Car accidents, no matter the severity, can be a traumatic experience for all involved.  This certainly is true from a physical standpoint but as well as an emotional one.  Other symptoms or problems may also be a result in motor vehicle collisions:

X-Ray Results


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Chiropractors deliver adjustments or joint manipulations to reposition misaligned joints in their correct locations.  In instances of injury from MVA's, damage to the intergyral parts of the spine such as ligaments, tendons, muscles, discs, nerves and vertebra can cause vast amounts of inflammation.  With gentle chiropractic treatments, we properly align spinal joints to take pressure off from exiting nerves. We work with your musculoskeletal system to improve joint motion, reduce nerve interference, diminish muscle spasm and gradually get control of the inflammation process.  Though the healing duration may vary from each individual, severity of injury, age, ect; it's important to address these problems soon following an accident to improve the chances of a full recovery.  The chiropractic philosophy provides natural treatment means for a healthy recovery process.

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Following MVA's, neck and low back disc herniations are not uncommon.  Especially within the cervical spine as a result of whiplash injuries.  If you sustained a disc injury involving a car accident our chiropractors are able to treat disc herniations with a less invasive approach than surgery or drugs.

Our doctors utilize a specialized technique and decompression table which allows for gentle traction at specific regions within the spine.  This methods works by motioning certain vertebral segments & discs to facilitate re-hydration or retraction of a herniated disc.  This method of traction is designed to create a vacuum effect at the center of a disc to reabsorb fluid and nutrients back to its normal position.  Ultimately, taking pressure off the inflamed nerve. 



It is important to us that we take the right steps in your road to recovery.   As your treatment progresses, we find it important to help your body start moving again in the proper manner. Our doctors will teach you corrective exercises that work to strengthen your body.  The sooner we start safely moving after an injury the quicker the soft tissue will heal.  In combination with chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises maximize our treatments effectiveness. Our care plans are personalized for each patient, ultimately improving outcomes for everyone.

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