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Health In Motion Chiropractic provides quality care for all our patients in the greater Green Bay and surrounding area.  Our Doctors take the time to understand the patient's goals to create the best plan of action.  Chiropractic allows our providers to offer optimized natural healthcare without the use of surgery, drugs or invasive intervention.  Our main focus is on musculoskeletal problems concerning the spine & extremities.  Our goal is to get you moving and feeling better than you ever have before!

In our clinical management, a thorough case history, orthopedic, neurologic and report of finding will done with everyone. This allows our doctors to provide you a detailed diagnosis and effective treatment plan to properly care what is necessary. Our Chiropractor's treatments focus on active care that empowers the you to take control and manage your own health.  


The most common reasons people visit a chiropractor is low back pain and neck pain which can be caused or related to a variety of disruptions.  These include arthritis, poor posture, sciatica, herniated disc, radiculopathy, spinal canal stenosis, scoliosis and many others.  Chiropractic  adjustments have a profound effect on the body which promotes tissue healing, allows for proper motion and regaining of function.  Other therapies such as spinal decompression, postural restoration and rehab techniques can ultimately reduce pain & restore normal daily living.  

Chiropractic care is also effective at treating sport injury, occupational injury or overuse traumas.  These include achilles tendinitis, frozen shoulder, golfer/tennis elbow, hip and shoulder bursitis, runners knee, tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Motor vehicle accidents (MVA's) are  infamous for causing whiplash injuries, headaches and trauma related back pain. According to the Insurance Research Council, nearly 1/3 of all claimants injured in motor vehicle accidents seek treatment from doctors of chiropractic.  Our Chiropractor's treatments are effective at lowering the symptoms of whiplash, including neck pain, stiffness and headaches while allowing the muscles, tendons, ligament, discs and joints to heal properly after the injury to lessen the long-term effects of whiplash. 


Chiropractors deliver adjustments or joint manipulations to reposition misaligned joints in their correct locations.  In chiropractic, these misaligned vertebrae are called vertebral subluxations.  Chiropractors apply a calculated thrust into joints using various methods or techniques to eliminate these subluxations.  This allows for a decrease in muscle spasm and increased joint mobility, resulting in more function, resolved joint inflammation, improved structural alignment and a decrease in pain for the patient.  This is natural means of treatment which produces a self-healing process. 


Like many aspects, there are many ways to accomplish the same goals.  Our doctors are well rounded with several types of chiropractic techniques with some more aggressive and others more gentle.  Specific treatments can be altered to satisfy each patient's comfort levels:

  1. Thompson Technique (drop tables)

  2. Gonstead

  3. Diversified 

  4. Logan Basic

  5. Cox Flexion Distraction

  6. Instrument or Activator adjusting

  7. Joint Mobalization

  8. Quantum spinal mechanics

  9. Extremity adjusting