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Most people think that chiropractors address only musculoskeletal injuries, however, because our treatment directly enhances the performance of the nervous system, other positive, indirect effects can result.  This is because every internal organ is inherently connected to the central or autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system controls specific bodily processes without a person’s conscious effort. These include process like:

-Nutrient digestion


-Blood pressure

-Mensural cycles

-Lung capacity 

-Heart rate

-Bladder control


Because the nerves originate from the spine, any misalignment or vertebral subluxations of the spine can restrict  nerve flow to the vital organs. Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system can result in symptoms from diarrhea and constipation to dizziness and fainting. Chiropractic's treatment directly impacts the musculoskeletal system but also indirectly enhances the entire nervous system, allowing for the body's innate healing force to take over.  When this innate healing is unleashed, other problems can improve or resolve such as:



-Ear infections

-Vertigo (dizziness)

-Infantile colic


Ultimately, the body's ability to heal itself is crucial for maintaining wellness in any individual.  Whether you are a newborn, senior citizen or any age in between, effective chiropractic treatments can preserve well-being. 

Chiropractic treatments certainly have limitations like other healthcare; however, the core of our philosophy revolves around holistic means of healing. Chiropractors understand the power within the human body, to regulate, self heal & adapt to difficult circumstances.  To schedule an appointment with our doctors call 920-857-3126.

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