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Prevalence of Neck Pain

Neck pain is the is the 4th most common cause for disability in the United States, with almost 50% of the population experiencing neck pain within a given year. Usually occurring more often in people over 40, trends show younger people are experiencing neck pain more often due to increased technology use and sedentary jobs. It’s amazing a fully functional cervical spine is able to give so much range of motion while fully supporting one’s head, which is nearly 12 pounds!

What Causes Neck Pain?

Our cervical spine has more flexibility than any other region of the spine, making it susceptible to injury. Most neck pain is due to biomechanical issues, resulting primarily from improper ergonomic conditions (working on computer and phones). Poor posture while working and in everyday life puts added stresses on the muscles and tendons of the neck and upper back. This added stress can result in pain and stiffness of the neck and upper back regions.  Recent or previous traumas such as whiplash injury, head injuries, and fractures can be hard to deal with even years after the event.

Common causes of neck pain chiropractors address:

-Direct trauma or whiplash injury


-Degenerative disc disease

-Poor posture

Our Treatments

Our doctors use a hands on approach by manually adjusting the cervical spine.  They are well versed in several techniques to realign mispositioned vertebrae to fit the patients comfort level.  We also used an array of supportive therapies like mechanical massage, ultrasound and electrotherapies to manage each case.  Rehab exercises, stretches and postural recommendations will also be utilize throughout care.

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