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Low back pain is the most common reason people seek chiropractic (roughly 60% primary complaints). Low back pain is so common that nearly 80% of people experience it sometime throughout their lives and it is estimated that 31 million Americans are experiencing low back pain at any given time. Causes of low back pain may differ, however, those that struggle with acute or chronic low back pain understand its debilitating effects. The low back pain relief Suamico, WI patients seek is attainable through natural treatment options.

Why Chiropractic?

With low back pain being one of the most common reasons for doctor visits in the nation; it's being demonstrated that opioids and other pharmacological methods may not be the best route. Many doctors and patients are looking for more conservative and natural ways to treat this common condition. Chiropractic has been shown to treat low back pain and other musculoskeletal problems effectively. Chiropractors use adjustment (a.k.a spinal manipulation) techniques to naturally restore neurologic function to facilitate a purely natural healing process. Chiropractic is proven to be safe and effective. Receiving chiropractic care for low back pain has been shown to decrease pain as well as decrease the need for passive forms of treatment.

Below are some of the benefits chiropractic care can have for low back pain:

-Reduce pain

-Decrease joint inflammation 

-Restore muscle balance

-Increase flexibility

-Improve joint function

-Maintain disc health

Our Treatment

Health In Motion Chiropractic strives to not only address the symptoms of low back pain but to find the root cause(s) by addressing all contributing factors such as posture, sedentary lifestyle, or age-related conditions. We use manual adjusting, drop tables, and soft tissue therapies for treatment by delivering gentle, non-invasive spinal manipulations, in turn to promote relief. This will ultimately create a reduction in inflammation, improve joint function and facilitate natural healing. Finally, we include exercise rehabilitation programs that improve overall strength and conditioning of the body to help reduce chances of re-injury. If you’re looking for the natural, effective low back pain relief Green Bay, WI counts on, our chiropractors offer lasting solutions.

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