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Why is Posture a "Pain in the Neck"?

The battle with gravity is a 24 hour, 365 days a year feat that has no end. Unless of course you travel in outer space on your free time but assuming most of us do not get that luxury, we are stuck with this unrelenting force that keeps us all grounded. We have all been told by someone at some point in our lives to "sit up straight" or "quit slouching". With a palpable amount of reluctance, I'm sure we changed our posture for at least a few moments. Little did we know, the elder that pointed out these imperfection did it out of love whether they realized it or not.

Posture and proper ergonomics has become much more prevalent in this day and age because more and more people are working jobs that acquire a lot of "butt" time. Phenomenon's like "text neck" have also surfaced as a growing problem within younger generations and are affecting many people with chronic neck pain or headaches.

We are here to tell you, there are solutions to these problems! The first steps start with improving your posture; we are not just talking about sitting posture but how to position ourselves all throughout the many daily activities we all do.

Dr. Dylan explains common issues and solutions with routine posture as well as ways to improve ergonomics like sitting, standing and texting.

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