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Fever. The Hot Topic

A typical fever can send some folks panicking, wondering "Am I sick?". Though it is a good indicator of sickness and infection, you should trust your body's process of kicking the "bugs" out. After all, our body's immune systems are smarter than we are and has kept us alive thus far. There are reasons for this madness believe it or not and because your body loves you, it will go to great lengths to keep you safe - which includes raising your bodily temperature. Though controlling a fever may make you feel a bit better during non-life-threating infections like the common flu or cold; you may be doing yourself a disservice. It's important to trust your body and let it do its thing. With some rest, plenty of fluids and bit of TLC, you should be back on your feet conquering the world once again. Dr. Ryan gives a quick introduction of fever and how you may be making yourself more uncomfortable longer.

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